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‘’True wisdom lies in being aware of your ignorance.’’ SOCRATES
I think this saying of Socrates expresses my philosophy perfectly.
Socrates: philosophy’s ugly, uncongenial, antagonistic Athenian; the philosopher who esrablished the foundation of philosophy, showing the eternal natüre of knowledge and of objectivity.
In the beginning, of course we are deficient. There are many things to learn, we will develop what is handed over to us and pass it on intact to future generations. By truly looking forward to the future, we will query and examineif we want to learn; and if we want change and development we will see the producer and the consumer as two halves of a natürel whole. This is necessary if we wish to leave meaningful legacies. And we must no forget that the producer is also a consumer, and the consumer is also a producer.
My group of companies, begun with the founding of Tuna Ltd. in 1991, carrying out building and infrastructure work from its modest Office in Bodrum, is a group with firms based especially in the UK and İstanbul, which has confronted customer/market reality, combined strong capital with true institutionalism, foreign partnerships and most importantly-having an important staff of technical consultants and young managers who place knowladge first. Its a group focussed on progress and development.

Possession of ‘’know how’’ and development of a shared collective consciousness, transferring these into production, and fast action are among our unchaning principles.

Kahraman TUNA







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